Over 70 years of history

Over 70 years of history


The Forécreu adventure

The Forécreu adventure began in 1952 in the Allier region of France. With over 70 years’ experience, the company has constantly developed its know-how and innovated to create solid and perforated bars recognized worldwide. At the same time, it has built solid partnerships with its customers, establishing its reputation as a benchmark in its field. Under the leadership of François ORY, the Forécreu family business employs over 100 people and has an international reach through its 4 subsidiaries.

The Forécreu adventure

The development of the first hole bars

In 1952, Jacques Ory created Forécreu in Malicorne (Allier). He set up a unique industrial process to transform metals and manufacture steel hole bars. The range kept expanding, with materials, grades and geometries ever closer to customers’ needs. In 1975, the company moved to Commentry (Allier). In 1986, Forécreu decided to take advantage of the innovative processes it had developed to enter the medical market. This strategic choice paid off in 1998 with the creation of the VBM subsidiary, dedicated to the manufacture of orthopedic polymers. In 2003, the company built a new plant in Malicorne to meet ever-increasing demand.

Manufacturing process control

By 1964, Forécreu had mastered the entire steel bar machining chain (extrusion, drawing, twisting) to meet industrial demand. In 1994, the first cannulated bars from titanium alloys were manufactured at the Malicorne plant. The plant was first expanded in 2006 to accommodate a 1500 T extrusion press. A new building was also added the following year to integrate a hot extrusion press. Finally, in 2018, Forécreu added a rolling line to save production time and increase production capacity.

A global presence

Forécreu soon turned its attention to international markets. The commercial success of the hole bars and their reliability enabled the company to gain recognition and start exporting its products in 1966, first to Europe and then to the rest of the world. Today, our hole bars are exported to more than 50 countries.

The desire to stay close to its customers and their issues encouraged Forécreu to set up its first foreign subsidiary in 1998: in Tokyo, Japan. Over the next two years, Forécreu set up operations in Chicago, USA and Frankfurt, Germany. More recently, in 2012, the company set up a subsidiary in Changzhou, China.

A commitment to quality

Since the company was founded in 1952, the quality of products and services has been at the heart of Forécreu’s strategy. Customer satisfaction and process control are among the company’s top priorities. This concern was rewarded in 2002, 2013 and 2023 with three certifications.

ISO9001 certificate

ISO 9001 certification – quality management

ISO13485 certificate

ISO 13485 certification – medical devices

ISO14001 certificate

ISO 14001 certification – environmental management of an organization

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