Our safety commitments

Our safety commitments


Safety is a top priority at Forécreu, in our workshops as well as in our offices and subsidiaries. We make no compromises when it comes to preserving the physical and moral integrity of our employees and partners, while ensuring the highest possible level of safety at our facilities. We are also committed to providing comfort in the workplace. As a result, we have implemented strict procedures to ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy environment. We are committed to maintaining the lowest possible frequency* and severity** of workplace accidents. These initiatives are bearing fruit.

Preventing occupational hazards is everyone’s job

At Forécreu, safety is as much a part of the shared culture as operational excellence and respect for people. From our production staff to our management team and support staff, every employee is made aware of safety issues. Training and prevention programs are tailored to each job profile, and everyone is familiar with best practice. These are regularly reviewed and updated as our business evolves.

Safety at Forécreu: concrete actions

The concrete actions we have taken to promote safety have become an integral part of our employees’ daily lives. In our workshops, we take pride in guaranteeing an environment that protects and reassures with:

  • Clear signage
  • Collective protective equipment (CPE) adapted to each job and personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary
  • Serviced and maintained equipment

We also make a special effort to identify and anticipate hazardous or risky situations. With the constant aim of communicating, raising awareness and providing training to improve and enhance safety, we are attentive to feedback from everyone, and are constantly updating our practices.

Workplace safety data sheet

We identify, assess and rank workplace risks. This preliminary work then enables us to determine our action plan and what preventive measures to take to deal with these potential risks. Our Workplace Safety Data Sheets list hazards, obligations and means of prevention, and facilitate communication on the risks associated with an activity carried out in a workplace. Workplace Safety Data Sheets are designed to make employees aware of the attitudes to adopt and the collective or individual protection to implement during their work activities, in order to limit workplace risks as much as possible. They help to highlight hazardous locations and make employees aware of their responsibilities to protect their health and physical integrity.

Assessment of socio-professional risks (EvRP)

Forécreu is complying with the legal obligation to assess socio-professional risks (EvRP). This is a method for identifying, analyzing and classifying risks in order to respond to them: prevention, protection, prohibition, training, etc. EvRP is an opportunity. With safety as its aim, it spurs the company towards excellence. Once we have identified and prioritized these risks, we take all the necessary measures and actions to ensure that our employees work in the best possible conditions, including our external service providers and visitors.

A successful safety policy

This safety approach has paid off, since the frequency and severity rates of workplace accidents observed at Forécreu are now lower than the national average. Employee satisfaction is another positive indicator. Employee satisfaction is another positive indicator. Employees appreciate working in an environment where health and safety risks are reduced.

Forécreu data National data
Frequency rate 2022 14,6 16,7
Severity rate 2022 0,57 1


*The frequency rate measures the risk of accidents according to the duration of the employee’s exposure.
** The severity rate expresses the severity of accidents as a function of the work stoppage duration.

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