FORECREU designs, manufactures and markets hollow round bars with various types of steel and titanium, for use in the manufacture of coolant fed cutting tools, as well as bars for use in surgical tools and implants, and other industrial applications.
Solutions for the Othopaedics
  • Cannulated bar solutions in stainless steel or titanium alloys for implants or surgical instruments.
  • Pre-hardened solid bars solutions in stainless steel (AISI 420B) for the production of surgical or
    dental instruments.
  • Stainless steel tube solutions (AISI 304L & 316L) for the production of surgical instruments.

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Solutions for Cutting Tools

Oil hole bar solutions made of high-speed steel (HSS) or tool steels for the production of coolant fed
drills, taps and tool bodies.




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Solutions for Industry

Hollow bar and multi-hole solutions in stainless steel, structural steels, special steels and specialty
alloys for applications use in the agri-food, energy sectors, etc.

Solid bar solutions made of specialty steel and alloys for use in the nuclear, energy sectors, etc.

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Polymer Solutions for Orthopedic ans Sport Medicine

Resorbable materials / 
Natural PEEK / carbon-fiber-reinforced (CFR) PEEK



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Forécreu is the only company in the world to offer hollow bars made from high-speed steel, stainless steel and titanium, for use in the manufacture of tools and machines, and orthopaedic implants and instruments.

To guarantee our clients expectations are met with regard to the quality of our products, or their compliance to standards and regulations, Forécreu makes use of a wide range of testing techniques, including ultrasound, mechanical testing, and measurements.

Forécreu's quality promise

15 Million euro turnover

Million euro turnover

70 years in the industry.

years in the industry.

400 clients


50 countries served

countries served

1500 products


500 products in stock

products in stock

Acquisition of a rolling machine

Forécreu has recently acquired a rolling machine, a considerable advantage for our manufacturing process.

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