Developing your skills 
with Forécreu

Developing your skills
with Forécreu


Forécreu’s industrial manufacturing process is unique, just like the skills of our employees. That’s why we’re keen to retain them and grow their skills, whether they’re taking up a new position, changing technology or moving internally within the company. It is also essential to ensure that in-house skills match strategic needs. To achieve this, we have set up a skills development plan that includes a training program, management of potential, and regular professional interviews.

Training plan

Forécreu wants to manage its skills while encouraging the sharing of know-how. A training plan is therefore drawn up for each employee, whether they are assigned to the metal workshops, support functions, tactical functions, strategic functions or one of our subsidiaries.

Internal or external training courses are organized to fill a skills gap within a team or in response to an employee’s request. A new position, a change of technology or internal mobility are also key moments for developing skills.

We aim for operational excellence and customer satisfaction, and have established several achievement levels for a single position: trainee, skilled, mentor, master. This makes it possible to offer prospects for development while retaining the company’s vision of know-how.

Potential development

Every year, the Human Resources teams review the situation with all department managers. The workforce is reviewed in order to update the skills repository, maintain an overview of Forécreu’s internal skills and identify training and recruitment needs. Whether tactical, strategic, support or operations, all Forécreu businesses work together towards the same goal. This meeting is also an opportunity to prepare for staff leaving for retirement, to remain watchful about key and strategic positions, and to identify potential.

Professional interviews

Forécreu listens to each of its employees. Regular appraisals are organized, supplemented by an annual performance review. The latter compares Forécreu’s objectives against those of the employee, while taking on board their development needs.


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