Your onboarding at Forécreu

Your onboarding at Forécreu


Whatever their activity, all Forécreu employees are welcomed in the same way. We want everyone to be able to find their feet within the company, to understand the challenges of our line of business, our organization and our strategy, as well as the constraints associated with a job based on an industrial process that is unique in the world.

Safety training

Because safety is essential, you will be invited to attend a safety training session given by the QSE department before you take up your new position. Safety is a top priority at Forécreu, in our workshops as well as in our offices and subsidiaries.

Common onboarding program

A common onboarding program is conducted for all newcomers. It is essential that each person understands Forécreu’s challenges, identifies their colleagues and is fully familiar with their work environment. Four modules, coordinated by the Human Resources team, cover subjects such as strategy, quality, safety, engineering and infrastructure.

Permanent ETAM and executives onboarding program

A comprehensive 90-day onboarding program is conducted for permanent ETAM (employees, technicians and supervisors) and executives. With milestones at 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, the program helps you get to know the company, take charge of your assignments, set objectives and deploy an action plan.

30 days : get to know the company and its different departments, make the contacts you need, and more.
60 days : take charge of the assignments for which you have been hired. At the end, propose objectives and define a concrete action plan.
90 days : deploy action plans.

The onboarding program is also an opportunity for Forécreu to benefit from the knowledge and fresh perspectives of our employees, through a feedback report.

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