Innovation and Product Development Project Manager

Find out more about Quentin's career path

Find out more about Quentin’s career path

With a DUT in Chemistry and a Licence Pro in Quality Management, he forged his expertise in the Aerospace and Defense sector before joining Forécreu. Moving from the Quality department to Engineering, he finally took the plunge into Business Development, where he currently holds the position of Innovation and Product Development Project Manager. Let’s find out why he chose Forécreu and the exciting challenges he faces every day.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have a DUT in Chemistry with a Materials Science option, and a Licence Pro in Quality Management. My previous experience was mainly in the aerospace and defense sectors. Before joining Forécreu, I worked in the Quality department, then in the Engineering department, before turning to product development in the Business Development department in September.

What is your position at Forécreu and what are your main missions?

I’m currently Innovation and Product Development Project Manager. In collaboration with the engineering department, I study special customer requests that don’t correspond to Forécreu specifications, in order to find the best feasible solution. I’m also in charge of developing new products to enhance Forécreu’s offering and explore new growth markets. Finally, I innovate by introducing new technologies into existing processes.

Why did you choose Forécreu?

I was attracted by Forécreu’s industrial process, which integrates many different processes. The company operates in the medical sector, which is constantly evolving. What’s more, as a company on a human scale, it gave me the feeling of belonging to a small family. The family history of my great-grandfather, a metallurgist for the Commentry-Fourchambault-Decazeville forges, reinforced my desire to work in this industrial sector.

What do you like about Forécreu?

What I like is the diversity of the tasks I’m given. Every day is different, and that motivates me. I also appreciate the trust placed in me to manage projects, and the fact that every day brings something new.

What’s the most difficult thing about your job?

Acquiring knowledge of new processes to imagine new industrial paths is a major challenge. What’s more, finding the time to work together with other departments to make progress on these issues can sometimes be complex.

If you had to sum up Forécreu in a few words?

Forécreu is a key player thanks to the products it offers its customers, and is strategic for major medical OEMs. The company’s ability to challenge and organize itself in order to evolve and progress in new markets is remarkable. It embodies confidence, having enabled me to progress twice in five years, from ETAM to manager in my current position.

Forécreu embodies trust, and has enabled me to progress twice in the space of five years, moving from ETAM to Executive in my current position.